Alongside my art work, I have 13 years' experience translating documents, mainly in the fields of law, medicine and marketing. I'd now like to focus my efforts to work on texts with the following characteristics:


Source: Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Russian
Target: British English


Art, design and craft
Luxury brands
Any texts under the wide umbrella of 'culture'


Please get in touch for a quote. Asking is free, so please just get in touch.

I use a three-stage translation process to ensure your documents contain the same meaning as the original, but which read as texts written by a native English speaker:

1. First draft
2. Comparison of source text with target text
3. Proofreading of target text

I also offer interpreting services for Spanish English in the Munich area.

You can download a copy of my translation CV here and take a look at some recommendations for my translation work here.

For any questions or to request a quote, please just send me an email.